Monday, March 7, 2016

Turtle Tootsie Polish Spring/Easter Collection

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I finally have my wifi back!!!!! Granted u could have gone to Starbucks to blog but it's kinda hard to do that when your family is sick:(

Anyways, today I'm showing you Turtle Tootsie Polish newest collection The Easter/Spring Collection!

These polishes are offcially my faves from Turtle Tootsie! Wanna know why? Because all 8 polishes are holos! Even the dot topper! So let's start at them.

First up is
Peeptastic, a pastel yellow holo polish. Now I'm not a yellow person but seriously I'm loving this yellow.
Spring forward, a pastel turquoise holo polish. Sometimes the lighting makes it look like it's blue.
Easter Bonnet a pastel blue holo polish. I love this color!!!! The one color I always wanted was a light blue color, now I have one.
Spring Bouquet, a lilac purple holo polish.
Doesn't it look so dainty?
Chocolate Bunny Ears, a taupe/ light brown holo polish. This one I actually thought I would like least but I seriously love this to wear to the office.
Easter Egg Hunt, a holo glitter topper with pastel dots. Now for this one I used 3 coats plus a topcoat. You can also use it on top of another polish but I like how it looks by it's self.
Pink Fuzzy Slippers, a pastel pink holo polish. This color is amazing!
Easter Morning Sunrise, a pastel peach holo polish. To me it leans red but sometime when the light hits it just right it looks pink!
With the exception of Easter Egg Hunt, all color were applied with 2 coats plus 1 coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat

The full sizes are $10 each or $75 for the full set, the minis are $6 each or $45 for the full set.
The Spring/Easter collection is available right now at 


  1. This is the collection I have been waiting for from TT. It will put her on the map.

  2. These are all gorgeous but that lilac is my favorite!

  3. ooooh, HOLO alert!! I love Spring Bouquet - lavender holo!!! Love the shots in the sun you were able to capture!

  4. These are so cute...perfect for spring!

  5. That is a beautiful collection and perfect for Spring.

  6. Ohh these are so pretty!! I love the circle glitters, not a lot of makers use them and I love them! Great post!

  7. Beautiful collection! Love her polishes!

  8. Pretty collection, especially if you like shimmer and glitter!