Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet The Blogger: Meet Jacquie of Claws Up!

It's Tuesday so that means it's time for Meet The Blogger!
I'm so thrilled with the response & encouragement since I started this series. I'm hoping to continue it for a long time:)
Today's blogger is Jacquie of Claws Up

What made you start a blog? - 
I have always been really big on self expression. I love to wear fun clothes and I used to dye my hair all the colors of the rainbow. When I graduated college I started working at the Bronx Zoo and a doggy daycare, and I had to go back to normal hair, and wear a uniform everyday. I felt like I was going stir-crazy not being able to express myself, so I got into nail art. It was the one thing I could wear at my jobs that was fun. After doing nail art for a few months, I wanted a way to save and document all my creations, so I decided to start a blog. 

How long have you been blogging? -
 I started my blog in November of 2011, so it has been a little over four years.

What would you say makes your blog unique? - 
Nothing is off limits. I may be a nail, beauty, and style blog, but I'm not afraid to get personal too.

What's your favorite part of having a blog? -
 I love having a creative outlet, and all of the friendships I have made.

Have you ever reviewed a product that has become something you use all the time? - 
I reviewed shea body butters from Me Thyme recently and I am almost running out! I use them every day! http://clawsup.blogspot.com/2015/12/me-thyme-review.html

What would you say is the downside of blogging? - 
Sometimes I feel like it can control my life. I spend a lot of time on it and it takes up almost all of my free time. It can be hard to make time for friends, and if life gets in the way and I fall behind on blogging, I get really stressed out. It's a second full-time job!

Do you have a least favorite post that you've written? - 
I don't think I have a specific least favorite post, but when I look back on some of my first posts I cringe.

What is something you have to have while writing a blog post? - 
A blanket to cuddle up with.

Do you think your blog has changed over the years? - 
Definitely! I started as a nail blogger, but I re-branded my blog to be a style, beauty, nail, and lifestyle blog. Plus, I think my photos and writing have improved a lot.

Are you married? Do you have any kids and/or pets? -
 I have been in a relationship for almost seven years, and we have been engaged for a year (he proposed last Valentine's day). We will be getting married in May of 2017. No kids, but we have a fur child, my kitty Muffin. I got her when she was dumped on the doorstep of my vet with a broken leg when she was a few weeks old. She turns 17 in March. I am obsessed with her, she is my true love.

Any advice for new bloggers? 
Don't give up! Sometimes I get down on myself because my blog is not the best. just remember you are blogging because it's what you love, and not for anyone else!
Thanks so much for being a part of Meet The Blogger Jacquie! 
You can find her at her blog & the following social media platforms.


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