Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meet The Blogger: Meet Bethany of B Nailed To Perfection

It's Tuesday so you know what that means it's time for Meet The Blogger! Today you all get to meet Bethany from
What make you start a blog?

I started my blog as I just loved to do my nails. It was nice to document them somewhere, and to share my manis with anyone that's interested! 

How long have you been blogging?

I have just past two years this February. 

What would you say makes your blog unique?

I guess because I'm a UK blogger that makes me a bit more unique as there's not that many, or many that I know of. I also write about a variety of products, indie polish, gel polish, glitter, nail art, stamping. So I have a good variety if content. 

What's your favorite part of having a blog?

My favourite part of blogging would be sharing my creations with people. I just love to do my nails and it's nice that people like to read about them.

Have you ever reviewed a product that has become something you use all the time?

Yes totally!  The creative shop stamper was something I bought for myself and became my favourite stamper for a long while. 

What would you say is the downside of blogging? 

The downside of blogging for me can be when I have a deadline to work to for reviews and press samples. It's still something that is quite new to me so I have to manage my time to make sure I get the posts up. I try to schedule them in advance. Luckily I'm quite an organised person. 

Do you have a least favorite post that you've written?

I don't really think I have a least favourite post but I do cringe when I look back at my first few posts. 

What is something you have to have while writing a blog post? Examples music, watching netflicks, drinking tea ect?

I have to have a cuppa tea when writing and I will either watch catch up programs on my tablet or YouTube videos.

Do you think your blog has changed of the years? 

Yes my blog has definitely changed and for the better. I feel I have more high quality material and my pictures are a lot better these days.

Are you married? Do you have any kids and/or pets?

I'm not married but I have been with my partner for 9 years in March. We have a 2 year old Puggle called Maddie and she is mad!

Any advice for new bloggers?

For new bloggers I would say start your blog because you want to. Not because you want lots of followers, "free stuff", recognition. Those are just nice bonuses along the way.

Thanks for being a part of Meet The Blogger Bethany! You can find her at her blog & the following social media pages.


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