Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pretty & Polished Gives Back

It's always great to see someone wanting to help raise awareness of breast cancer. But it's awesome to want to continue to help out cancer patients all year long, that's exactly what Chelsea of Pretty & Polished is doing.

Pretty & Polished is coming out with 2 polishes for breast cancer awareness,
1 is a thermal polish and will be available for $10. The second is a creme polish and will be available for $8. The sale of these polishes is to help the Cancer Care Packages that Pretty & Polishes will be making & Little Red Door to help their Gas Fund. 

The Gas Fund provides money to patients in order to get to and from appointments to ensure that they can continue to receive life saving cancer treatments. Not everyone lives close to a hospital that can preform chemotherapy, so this fund is crucial to ensure that even with a cancer diagnosis, patients will have one less thing to worry about
Pretty and polished is going beyond breast cancer awareness month and continuing to support The Little Red Door & The oncology unit at Ball Memorial Hospital until further notice because cancer can affect anyone at any time of year, not just October.

Every month Pretty & Polished will be selling special items each month to help fund the Cancer Care Packages. Like in October, Pretty & Polished will be also be selling other pink products such as nail art, mani melts, and all of the pink shades will be moved to our Cancer Awareness section with all the sales going to the new program.

The Cancer Care Packages will also be Available for sale on Pretty & Polished website so people can send them to someone they know that's going thru cancer treatments.
How you can help:
Pretty & Polished is accepting donations for the of beauty samples Makeup, skincare, jewelry, soap, nail polish and nail carecare, scarves, shower caps, coupons, perfume, Cologne, candles, wax, Keychain, coupons for ensure etc. You can even make monetary donations.
In return Pretty & Polished will send you a coupon code for a free Pretty & Polished nail polish.
The address to send to is:
Pretty & Polished 
P.o.box 127 
Muncie, IN 47308
Overall, the main goal of the Cancer Care packages is to let cancer patients is to bring a smile to their faces.

Link to Pretty & Polished

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Model City Polish Sale

So I know some of you have been curious about Model City Polish & have been thinking of trying it.

Well, I have great news for everyone!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mani of the day

So I actually have a funny story about this mani. I always buy the newest colors from Model City Polish since I discovered them months ago. So this color is SB 09 September is pretty, it's a greyish holo that almost look white.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Turtle Tootsie Polish Breast Cancer Launch Info

With the Breast Cancer Collection launching on Friday, I have some new information about the launch. 
Your probably thinking "Oh wow that's a lot!" It is but they is a good reason. Chrissy, the Owner of Turtle Tootsie Polish is a Breast Cancer survivor. She said she wants Breast Cancer Awareness a big deal for her brand so every October it's going to be a month long of fun stuff & giveaways!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unboxing! Nailhoot Polishes & Comparison

I can't believe I forgot this was being delivered!
So if you remember my last post about nailhoot, if not here's the link
I talked about the preorders that were availible. 
Well my super preorder pack arrived & I'm excited to share it with everyone!
Just a note for everyone these are all currently availible for sale however the preorder pack that I ordered isn't offered anymore. It was only offered during the preorder period.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mani of the day

Today's mani is a special one. It's special because it's the first indie polish I've ever tried!
It's Model City Polish!
The colors I'm using today are Himalayan Poppy (on the left) & SB 07 August

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Liebster Award Part 1

I'm still in shock. Seriously I think I'm starting to calm down.

So I ran some errands today, came back & saw I was Nominated for the Liebster Award not once but 3 times!  So I'm going to post them 1 at a time over the next couple of days. 

First Blogger who nominated me is Carlyn from Off the Sidewalk. Check out her blog, http://www.offthesidewalk.com/ she has some amazing posts(plus I was getting hungry look at those food post!) 
Thank you so much Carlyn for nominating me! I'm so honored!

Mani of the day

Today's mani is from my newest polishes, Enchanted!
The color I picked is Disco H20.
Here's my outdoor picture.
And my indoor picture.
As you can see it's a holo polish, which you can see better in the outdoor picture.
What I love about this polish is after 1 coat it looked like I had applied 2! It's been a while since I've had a that I could do 1 coat if I wanted.

Disco H20 by Enchanted polish is currently out of stock:(

Friday, September 18, 2015

Indie Breast Cancer Awareness polish List

So as most of you know I love indie polishes. Those are currently the only polishes I buy right now. So I asked the polish community who was making polishes for breast cancer awareness month. Please note there are probably more but this is all I've found so far.
Here's my list so far

Sephora Sleep Mask review

A while back wheni was at sephora I noticed several of the employee gathered around trying to decide which of these small colorful boxes they wanted. I had no idea what they were till a few weeks later when I finally saw them on the shelf. 

Mani of the day

So being a nail polish lover it's hard to pick out which color I should wear next. 20 minutes after I have narrowed it down to 3 I finally decided on one.

I picked Turtle Tootsie Polish in coffee & chocolates.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Esmaltes Da Kelly Superhero Nail Polish Is Now Availible

So the best of both worlds just came together for something truely amazing

Esmaltes Da Kelly has created a line of nail polish after superheroes & villians.
Yes,you read this right.

No, your not daydreaming this is real!
There are 20 colors in all! Let's break them down.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sneak peak alert! Julep October collection

Julep release a new collection of makeup & nail polishes every month. If your subscribed to get one of julep's boxes you get the newest collection before anyone else. 

This months theme is called New York Never Sleeps
This collection contains blushes, shadow sticks & polishes. Here's what is the collection
Eyeshadow 101 sticks 
Glow pore minimizing
Michaela is a black currant microglitter shimmer polish
Laurel is a raven feather silk polish
Sogourney is a black holographic stardust polish
Arielle is a smoked fig creme polish
Jocelyn is a cranberry shimmer with holographic glitter polish
Sherri is a opulent purpl stardust polish
Linda is a Flint grey creme,
Autumn is a burnt red/orange multidimensional glitter polish
Nicola is a glow in the dark with micro shimmer topcoat
These will become available to julep maven's on September 20th-24th. Julep maven's will be able to pick their box, swap items out or skip the month. 
They will become availinle to everyone else on October 1st.
Link to purchase

Unboxing! Enchanted Polish

So I kept hearing all about Enchanted Polish & how it's amazing, you need it in your life, once you try it you'll be hooked ect. So I finally decided to preorder from Enchated last month to see for myself what all this hype is about. I only ordered 2 out of the 3.
It arrived in a small white box, reminds me a lot of juleps boxes. 
Onced I opened it I saw my 2 polishes wrapped in bubble wrap & packing peanuts right up against them.
The first one I picked up was Reign Beau
Isn't it pretty? It's so pretty in person.
The second one is Disco H2O
There is a little bit of a shadow in my picture(sorry) but I like this color.
So I'm very impressed with the size of the bottles, I'm not sure what the size is. I think it's a 15 maybe 16 oz bottle 
So I tried out Reign Beau and I love it so far. No chips, easy to apply, & dried pretty fast.
So overall I like Enchanted. And now I'm regretting not getting the 3rd color.
These colors are currently sold out 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Disney Princess Compacts Launch September 15th

Disney & Sephora have teamed up again. They are releasing compact mirrors on September 15th.That's right, they launch tomorrow! These highly anticipated compact mirrors will cost $32 & will be available till March 2016. 
Snow White
Anna & Elsa

Aren't these beautiful? Grab these quick because once they are gone they are gone for good.
Link to sephora

Lorac Palettes on sale

I'm not sure how I've never knew about these palettes till now. The Lorac Alter Eyo eyeshaows palettes are currently on sale at Lorac.com for $20!
These palettes are valued to cost $100. Go grab them quick before they are gone.
Link for heartbreaker palette 

Link for dream girl palette

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge Episode 12 is online!

So I was excited to see this morning that the newest episode that hasn't even aired in now online!
But there's a catch,
You have to log in to your cable provider in order to watch. Boo.
So since I don't have cable I'll have to wait:(

Here's the link to watch

Unboxing! Turtle Tootsie's Fall Collection

I'm so excited to share this with you all! After my last purchase from Turtle Tootsie I knew I had to have the fall collection. 
So let's unbox it!
It's a nice size box. It's was inside a priority mail envelope which is brilliant to save on shipping.
Once I open the box I'm greeted by this adorable frog tissue paper! It's so cute.
Once I lift the tissue paper I'm greeted by a bunch of freebies! I'll break them down
First are the bingo cards. I can't remember how much you have to spend to get one. But in order to play bingo you have to belong to the Turtle Toosie Polishes Turtlettes Facebook group. 
Next is the Pumpkin Spice scented topcoat. This was free when you purchased the full size fall collection. I love the information card that came with it. Plus I can kinda smell it from outside the bottle, it's smells so good!
I love the card explaining what 5 free polish is.
Here they are! All the nail polish! I know I ordered a lot but I couldn't help it. 
I ordered a few others that weren't part of the fall collection.
This is Full Moon, a dark purple holographic polish.
FD, dark red holographic polish.
Lot Lizard, green holographic polish
Dispatcher, golden yellow glittery polish
Holster Sniffer, royal blue holographic polish.
Working Fire, orange holographic polish. 
Here are the 3 others that I got that aren't part of the fall collection.
Badge Bunny, bright pink glittery polish. This is actually going to be a gift, but now I'm thinking I might need it.
EMT, basic bright blue polish. So I had to get the full size since I loves the mini so much.
Coffee & Chocolate, brown with a bronze tint. So I bought the mini for someone and as I'm packing it up I almost kept it for myself! 
It was a hard decision but I picked Full Moon 
I love this color!
So that's it. It's the end of my unboxing. What was you favorite part of it?
Here's the link Turtle Tootsie's shop.