Monday, September 21, 2015

Mani of the day

Today's mani is a special one. It's special because it's the first indie polish I've ever tried!
It's Model City Polish!
The colors I'm using today are Himalayan Poppy (on the left) & SB 07 August

I seriously fell in love with Himlayan Poppy the first time I ever used it. 
Outdoor lighting.

Indoor lighting

SB August is a glitter topcoat, I actually applied 2 coats because after 1 I just didn't think it was enough! Also this is my first glitter topcoat too.

Himalayan Poppy is currently discontinued.
SB August is still availible but if you want it act quick. Nina with Model City only has 3 bottles left & isn't making any more.
Link to purchase 


  1. These are definitely really pretty colours! I just went through my polish collection and don't own a single indie polish, despite following so many of them on IG. I find most glitter top coats require two coats for an even application!

  2. Really pretty colors! Let us know how it wears. :)