Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unboxing! Nailhoot Polishes & Comparison

I can't believe I forgot this was being delivered!
So if you remember my last post about nailhoot, if not here's the link
I talked about the preorders that were availible. 
Well my super preorder pack arrived & I'm excited to share it with everyone!
Just a note for everyone these are all currently availible for sale however the preorder pack that I ordered isn't offered anymore. It was only offered during the preorder period.

So let's jump in & start opening the box.
The picture looks deceiving, it's really not a big box.

Look at all the goodies inside!
So first thing I pulled out is the raffle tickets. Now the reason for the raffle tickets Brandi, the owner of Nailhoot is going to pull tickets up to 30 times this year for her customers! But in order to win you have to be apart on the Nailhoot Facebook group here's the link
She's also shows sneak peeks in the group!
The reason I have so many tickets is because if you bought the super preorder pack you get to pick a free gift, so I chosed 10 tickets.

First polish is from the Holo'd trio.
It's Leviticus Holo'd, a sunset orange/red color. While unboxing I realized I'm actually wearing the regular Leviticus!

Genisis Holo'd from the Holo'd trio, a blue/teal color.
Numbers Holo'd from the Holo'd Trio
A pink polish

Now the galaxy trio
Dark matter a dark purple holo polish

Zero gravity from the galaxy trio, a dark blue holo polish

Escape Velocity from the Galaxy trio, a dark green holo polish( I know it looks a little grey but it's green!)
 And last but not least here's the halloween polish Jeepers Creepers. 
I love how it looks like little bats are floating around in there!
So I couldn't decide which color to wear (of course) but I finally decided on Leviticus Holo'd. But I have pictures of the regular Leviticus so let's compare them!
Leviticus Holo'd


Leviticus Holo'd 

Can you see the differance?  They literally are the same color, but the holo has the holo shimmer to it.
So that's the end of unboxing:(
I'm happy that I preordered all the colors, I seriously can't wait to use them all!

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