Sunday, September 13, 2015

Unboxing! Turtle Tootsie's Fall Collection

I'm so excited to share this with you all! After my last purchase from Turtle Tootsie I knew I had to have the fall collection. 
So let's unbox it!
It's a nice size box. It's was inside a priority mail envelope which is brilliant to save on shipping.
Once I open the box I'm greeted by this adorable frog tissue paper! It's so cute.
Once I lift the tissue paper I'm greeted by a bunch of freebies! I'll break them down
First are the bingo cards. I can't remember how much you have to spend to get one. But in order to play bingo you have to belong to the Turtle Toosie Polishes Turtlettes Facebook group. 
Next is the Pumpkin Spice scented topcoat. This was free when you purchased the full size fall collection. I love the information card that came with it. Plus I can kinda smell it from outside the bottle, it's smells so good!
I love the card explaining what 5 free polish is.
Here they are! All the nail polish! I know I ordered a lot but I couldn't help it. 
I ordered a few others that weren't part of the fall collection.
This is Full Moon, a dark purple holographic polish.
FD, dark red holographic polish.
Lot Lizard, green holographic polish
Dispatcher, golden yellow glittery polish
Holster Sniffer, royal blue holographic polish.
Working Fire, orange holographic polish. 
Here are the 3 others that I got that aren't part of the fall collection.
Badge Bunny, bright pink glittery polish. This is actually going to be a gift, but now I'm thinking I might need it.
EMT, basic bright blue polish. So I had to get the full size since I loves the mini so much.
Coffee & Chocolate, brown with a bronze tint. So I bought the mini for someone and as I'm packing it up I almost kept it for myself! 
It was a hard decision but I picked Full Moon 
I love this color!
So that's it. It's the end of my unboxing. What was you favorite part of it?
Here's the link Turtle Tootsie's shop.


  1. looks like you have some great shades there!


  2. As I am male, I'l not make a choice .. Doh I love all of your nail polish...

  3. How cool! I think I like the Badge Bunny, and the EMT the best. These just look like so much fun. I'm going to have to check that place out! Great post! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!