Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy TGIF! It's preorder time!

Happy TGIF everyone! I'm excited about today because not only is it Friday, it's also payday for me! Which is perfect because it's time to preorder with Nailhoot.
There are 3 different options to choose from. 
Option 1
The Galaxy Trio Set

These gorgeous holos are called starting from the left Eacape Velocity, Zero Gravity & Dark Matter. The are $19.50 with free shipping promo code.
Option 2
The Holo'd Trio Set
These holos are called Genisis Holo'd, Numbers Holo'd & Leviticus Holo'd. There are the holo versions of the Beginings Colletion. The Holo'd trio is $25.50 with free shipping promo code.

Option 3 ( also knon as the option I'm gonna take) Super Presale Pack
The super presale pack contains the galaxy trio, the Holo'd trio but it also contain the halloween color Jeepers Creepers. This is the only collection to preorder Jeepers Creepers.
The Super Presale Pack is $49.95 plus free shipping with free shipping code plus you also get a free gift! 

All of these collections will ship on September 18th. 

The free shipping promo codes are:
DOMISTICPREORDERSHIP- free shipping in the USA
CANADADISCOUNTSHIP- $5.50 Candian shipping discount 
INTLPREORDERSHIP- $4.50 shipping discount for the rest of the world.

So you all know which one I'm getting, let me know which ones your getting. 
Here the link to purchase


  1. That Halloween colour is gorgeous, I might just have to treat myself! Lovely post by the way. <3