Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Unboxing! Enchanted Polish

So I kept hearing all about Enchanted Polish & how it's amazing, you need it in your life, once you try it you'll be hooked ect. So I finally decided to preorder from Enchated last month to see for myself what all this hype is about. I only ordered 2 out of the 3.
It arrived in a small white box, reminds me a lot of juleps boxes. 
Onced I opened it I saw my 2 polishes wrapped in bubble wrap & packing peanuts right up against them.
The first one I picked up was Reign Beau
Isn't it pretty? It's so pretty in person.
The second one is Disco H2O
There is a little bit of a shadow in my picture(sorry) but I like this color.
So I'm very impressed with the size of the bottles, I'm not sure what the size is. I think it's a 15 maybe 16 oz bottle 
So I tried out Reign Beau and I love it so far. No chips, easy to apply, & dried pretty fast.
So overall I like Enchanted. And now I'm regretting not getting the 3rd color.
These colors are currently sold out 

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