Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nail Hoot Terra Nova 7 Days Of St Patricks Day Nails

Happy St Patricks Day!!!!!! It's the day we've been preparing for all week.

So on my nails today is Terra Nova by Nail Hoot a green polish with gold sparkle. 
Now there is a really cool story behind this polish. This polish is one of the polishes that was a custom for My Lacquer Cabinet !
If you follow My Laquer Cabinet you know what I'm talking about, if your not you seriously have to go check it out. 
They have a seriers  called Polish From A Picture. They asked several indie makers if they could make a custom polish bases on a picture. It's such a neat series, it about to start up again too.

I used 2 coats plus 1 coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat.
Love how it sparkles! Perfect for St Patricks Day right?
Terra Nova is currently Out of Stock:(


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! It's such a pretty polish!!

  2. This polish has so much depth...beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous polish and how cool that it's from My Lacquer Cabinet's series!

  4. I love that series from MLC. Thank you for joining me in this journey!

  5. I can't say this is my type of color, but it is certainly very pretty!

  6. I love the sparkly goodness!

  7. so shimmery!! great looking polish