Monday, August 8, 2016

The Rainbow with Vapid Lacquer

Ever have that moment when you get brand new nail polishes in the mail then have no idea what color to use first? Unfortunately, that happens to me a lot but I have a solution. 

You use all of them!
The colors I'm using are from Vapid Lacquers California Jelly Holo collection 

First up is Pacific coast hwy,
A bright Pink jelly polish shimmering with a linear holographic rainbows.
1000 Steps,
Orchid purple jelly base shimmering with a linear holographic rainbows.
T Street,

Green jelly polish shimmering with a linear holographic rainbows.


Yellow jelly polish shimmering with a linear holographic rainbows.

I used 2 coats of each color on a different nail followed by 1 coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat.
Outside lighting
These polishes applied very easily, no issues or staining whatsoever.
Yes I had fun taking pictures.
For some reason I like this outside picture the best.
Inside lighting 
Can you see the holo?
While I'm not a yello person I really like Dorheny.
Aren't these fun colors?
So bright & colorful! Now you know why I had trouble deciding. 
The California Jelly Holo's are available to purchase at


  1. Lovey shades! I totally understand the "what polish do I use first!!!???!" dilemma! haha

  2. I have a love hate with jellies because I do like opaque polish but this is when a tinted base coat like the OPI Nail Envy ones would come in handy. I do love Vapid's new square bottles though - I bought one the other day and it just fits so nicely in my collection!

  3. Fun skittle! I just took advantage of a Vapid sale and picked up a few (cough more like 15). :) The purple is gorgeous and I am usually drawn to them, but the green in the sun bottle shot is LOVELY! :)

  4. I need to break these back out.

  5. Using all of them is always the best solution! These are super pretty.

  6. What a great skittles mani. I love vapid!

  7. These are gorgeous - and they go so well together!

  8. Using all of them sounds absolutely legit! Haha :)

  9. I love Vapid Lacquer. Pretty mani. :-)

  10. Oh man, I can see why you had to use them all at once, they're too pretty to choose!

  11. I love this mani for Summer! 1000 Steps is especially pretty.

  12. Oh they're so pretty and I love love looooove the colourful skittle!

  13. I love the jelly like look of these! Cute skittles mani is always a great option for deciding what to wear! <3

  14. ah... such a gorgeous collection and I love the jelly look. Such a fun collection for summer and spring.

  15. These are all lovely, they give me an Easter vibe together!

  16. 4 gorgeous polishes I really love that jelly polish finish. So squishy :D x