Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fun Neutrals with Anchor & Heart Lacquer & Turtle Toosie Polish

I decided to play with nail tape a little more but let's do it this time with neutrals. I mean who doesn't love fun neutrals right? Nichole of Bedlam Beauty love neutrals so Nichole if your reading this I'm probably enabling you. Sorry!

The colors I'm using today are Naked With polish by Turtle Tootsie Polishes,
A nude pinkish peachish goldish shimmery holo polish.
And Kissing At Sunset by Anchor & Heart Lacquer, a peachy orange linear holo jelly style polishes with strong gold shimmer and gold micro flakies.
I started off with 2 coats of Naked With Polish on my outside nails & 2 coats of Kissing At Sunset on my inside nails followed by 1 coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat. 
Once dried I took 2 pieces of nail tape & placed each on an angle on my middle nails, then I used 1 coat of Naked With Polish on one side, removed the nail tape & sealed with 1 more coat of HK Girl Topcoat.
Outside lighting
No inside lighting picture today, I was in a rush to head off to a meeting at work, another reason I picked these colors:)
But don't these colors look great together? I had no issues with either polish & they both worked great together. 

Naked With Polish is available at

Kissing At Sunset is available at 
Anchor & Heart Lacquer Etsy Shop


  1. Very nicel These colors are great together!

  2. Kissing At Sunset looks amazing on you!

  3. Kissing At Sunset looks like such an amazing polish!

  4. Oh wow this combo is truly breathtaking!

  5. What a pretty color combination! I don't think I could pull off either shade as nicely.

  6. That Anchor & Heart looks really pretty!