Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Meet The Blogger: Meet Tiffany of Polish And Paws

Welcome to another edition of Meet The Blogger! Today's blogger is Tiffany of  Polish & Paws

Can I just saw I want to be like her when I grow up? I mean look at that background in her selfie!  Wanna adopt me Tiffany?

What made you start a blog? A friend, blogger MonisMani.com, encouraged me to start blogging. I had aquired a large collection of polish in a short period of time and loved the idea of sharing it with people.

How long have you been blogging? Just over 2 years, I started blogging in May 2014.

What would you say makes your blog unique? I blog a wide variety of brands. One thing that has been important to me is to blog low cost brands as well as higher end brands and indies. Its easy to find lots of swatches for higher end well known brands; but with new brands and budget brands its much more difficult to find a good selection of swatches.

What's your favorite part of having a blog? I love being able to improve over time; adjusting and changing my swatch photos to appeal to readers and makers. And I'm not going to lie - I absolutely love it when I post in a polish group and a reader puts together my name and my blog name and they have a "fangirl moment." Those are the moments when I really feel like I've been successful. 

Have you ever reviewed a product that has become something you use all the time?

Last year I reviewed a few polishes from Bohemian Polish. She also sent her new cuticle oil in Butterbeer scent. I knew within minutes I was hooked. To this day its my favorite cuticle oil and I always keep a bottle or two on hand. 

What would you say is the downside of blogging? 

The downside for me is the emotional aspect of it. I have to continually remind myself that its not personal when I get dropped by a brand or passed over for someone else. I pour so much of who I am into my blog that it can be challenging to separate the two. 

Do you have a least favorite post that you've written?

Aside from some of my very first posts, which are nothing short of embarassing; I was recently reviewing what I thought were going to be water decals and they ended up being full nail 3D stickers.

 They didn't fit my nails right and would not dissolve in acetone, so the end mani was a mess but it was the best I could do with them. 

What is something you have to have while writing a blog post? Examples music, watching netflicks, drinking tea ect

I like to listen to 80's hits, I always have a Sobe Lifewater and sometimes a snack. And one of my dogs is usually snuggled up behind me in my chair, which naturally is the best part. 

Do you think your blog has changed of the years? Yes, it's definitely changed a lot over the years. I worked as a web designer for over 10 years so adding to, improving upon, and upgrading my blog itself comes naturally to me. I've also upgraded from an iphone to a DSLR which made a huge difference for my photos. And most recently I have upgraded my lighting. Next stop - videos! 

Are you married? Do you have any kids and/or pets? I have been married to my husband Billy for 15 years. We have 5 furry children (dogs) who mean the sun and the moon to us. 

What was it like when you found out you were getting your first press samples? It felt very surreal. I didn't even think about press samples when I started my blog, but at some point it feels like a rite of passage. Like a form of validation. 

Any advice for new bloggers?

I would say make sure you really want to put the time and energy into it, as in all likelihood it will take more time and energy than expected. Never let press samples be the reason for your blog. Blog from the heart, and love what you're doing.

Thanks for being part of Meet The Blogger Tiffany! You can find her at her blog & the following social media pages.







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