Sunday, April 3, 2016

#TeamBrittni Mani

Today's post is a little different than most post. A person actually inspired today's mani. But before I talk about the mani let's talk about #TeamBrittni & who is Brittni.

Brittni Clements was your tipical 20 something year who was living life to the fullest. She had a great job at Walt Disney World, a great boyfriend, everything perfect. Then on February 10,2016 Brittni was diagnosed with leukemia. She went from not feeling when to starting chemo the very next day.  But Brittni is a trooper, she hasn't complained once & is still the happy woman everyone knows & loves. Her father CJ, is a radio Dj in my hometown. So when he left everyone was wondering what's going on? When it was announced that Brittni had leukemia the community has come togther to show support for the Clements family. 
This week will be hard for the Clements Family, Brittni will be starting another around of chemo but this time her family won't be there. So please everyone keep them all in your thoughts & prayers this week.

So here's my way of showing support, thru nail polish:)
I used Model City Polish Glowing Embers & Turtle Tootsie Polish Fighter Aka Fight Like A Girl. 
Your probably wondering why these colors? Surely you could pick better colors? 
Well, it turns out that orange is the color of leukemia, like pink is the color of breast cancer. And I picked Fighter Aka Fight Like A Girl because that the slogan for #TeamBrittni.

I used 2 coats of each plus 1 coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Topcoat.
I had to show this for obvious reason:)

How you can help:
Like many people fighting cancer it can be costly. CJ, Brittni's dad has already said her medical bills are currently over 1 million dollars and that's in less than 2 months. is selling hats, shirts keys chains & more with all proceeds going to Brittni & her family.

NOLA is selling T-shirts with the proceeds going to Brittni & her familh as well. 

 Go Fund<  This is the Offcial go fund me page set up for Brittni.

To follow Brittni progress follow her Dad CJ's

Model city Glowing Embers is available at Model City Polish Etsy Shop

Turtle Tootsie Polish is currently on clearance at Turtle Tootsie Polishes .com


  1. A mani for a cause is always super thoughtful. :) Prayers are with Brittni and her family.

  2. You picked the perfect polishes for this manicure. Sending tons of well wishes to Brittni! <3