Friday, February 12, 2016

Model City Peppermint Twist 14 Days Of Valentines Nails Day 12

Its day 12and I say it's time for a red polish! I think it's long over due for a red but I didn't pick any red.

The color I picked is Peppermint Twist, a red jelly polish red,silver & white glitters.
I used 3 coats plus a topcoat.
I love the glitters in this polish, it totally makes it stand out. 

Peppermint Twist is currently availible & on clearance for $5 at Model City Polish Etsy Shop 


  1. Such a great Valentine's Day mani.

  2. So pretty! I love pulling out my favorite Christmas reds for Valentine's!

  3. Ooh that's pretty! Model City has had some great polishes!

  4. Model City is a brand I've never tried, but I love how this one looks on you!