Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Meet The Blogger:Meet Kerry Of Painted Fingertips

It's time for another edition of Meet The Blogger! 
Today's blogger is Kerry of Painted Fingernails. 
I'm excited to get to know her, I just recently discovered her blog(and her amazing nail art.)
What made you start a blog?
The first inklings of my love for nail art began about 4 years ago. I would be hanging out at my boyfriend's (now my husband's) place and start painting my nails. He used to tease me that I was playing my favourite game - back then I'd just paint a fun colour, or maybe an accent nail at most. One day while browsing the internet he happened across a picture of a water marble and showed it to me. I'd had no idea you could do something like that with nail polish - I read up about it, tried it, and although my early attempts didn't look very good, I loved it. In my research of course I came upon the world of nail blogs and I saw all of the fun things I could try - stamping, striping tape, gradients - the possibilities were endless! I started playing around with it more and more. A few months later we went through some tough times and there wasn't much I could do about it - these were just stressful times that I had to wait out. I found myself doing my nails whenever I had the chance as it was an artistic outlet that helped me get my mind off the stressfulness. I wanted to start sharing what I did with others who would enjoy it, and so Painted Fingertips was born. How long have you been blogging? Almost 3 years - it'll be 3 in August. What would you say makes your blog unique? My nail art - in two ways. The first way is that I'll try anything at least once and I'm always up for a challenge. The second is that I love my freehand nail art and I think that freehand brings out your personal style for anyone that does it. What's your favourite part of having a blog? It makes me make time for my nail art - which is a good thing because it's a wonderful hobby that I really enjoy doing. I also love having a place to share what I've created. Have you ever reviewed a product that has become something you use all the time? That's happened with a couple of nail art items I've reviewed. Mostly, I'd say I use this stamper very regularly for stamping and almost all of my freehand nail art is done with this brush - both of which were reviewed from Born Pretty Store. What would you say is the downside of blogging? Probably the time that it takes. I definitely spend more time on my blog than I'd anticipated. Of course, that's my choice - I could just post less, but I love doing it so I put that time in. It can get a bit mad when I'm busy at work though. Do you have a least favourite post that you've written? Ugh, what a question! Yes, of course I do. Almost 3 years ago I started my blog in August. I then saw all of these big bloggers talking about the 31 Day Challenge they were doing in September and I decided to take part. I felt like I was doing my nails all the time and it wouldn't be so bad - turns out a couple of times a week and every single day are pretty far from one another. I was also a total newbie at nail art and I was doing many things for the first time - not very well. However, I was determined to complete the challenge (and I did!) but that meant that some nails got posted that I wasn't so happy with - even as a beginner! The worst of the lot was my post for yellow. Don't look if you value your eyes! What is something you have to have while writing a blog post? I enjoy a good cup of tea but I wouldn't really say there's something that I have to have. I do like to watch a movie or listen to music while painting my nails, though. Do you think your blog has changed over the years? I certainly think that my nail art skills and photography have improved, and I've refined things like nail shape and cuticle care. My blog layout itself has also seen a few adjustments and I personally think it looks better now that it did back its early days. My focus has stayed on nail art though, although I might have a few other posts here and there. What was it like finding out you were getting press samples for the first time? It was really exciting! Reviewing does take time and effort but it's time and effort doing something I love. I'm not someone who gets showered in samples, though. Are you married? Yes I am, and to the handsomest man alive, too! Lucky me! I'm very happily married and our first wedding anniversary is coming up in July. Do you have any kids and/or pets? No kids yet but I have the cutest cat! His name is Gizmo and he's a sweetheart. IMG-20160520-WA0002 Any advice for new bloggers? Make sure that you're really into whatever you want to blog about - whether its nails or something else. There's no use in spending your time and effort on something you don't enjoy! And - expect it to take more time than you think!
Thanks so much for being part of Meet The Blogger Kerry! You can find her at her blog & the following social media pages.

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