Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pink Bear Nail Art With Model City Polish & Toadarriffic Vinyls

My coworker's 2 year old is absolutely mesmerized when she sees my nails. She loves when my nails are different colors but her favorite is seeing nail art.
She just stares in amazement, then after 5 minutes asks why it's not on all my fingers or why I only did it on 1 hand.
So since I knew she would be coming to the office for meeting night I did my nails just for her.

The color I'm using today is SB13 November by Model City Polish, a coral, leaning pink holo polish 

I started off by using 2 coats of SB13 November then used 1 coat of Glisten & Goow HK girl topcoat. Once dry using tweezers I started applying the panda decals from Toadarrific Vinyls, they aren't in one piece so it take a little time applying carefully. Once I finshes applying the decals on my middle fingers I applied 1 more coat of HK girl topcoat. 
These nails were a hit! She loved them, so much my boss had to move her out of the office so I could get back to work!
My boss even thought they were cute.

SB13 November is currently discontinued:(  but be sure to check out Model City Polishes other polishes at   Model City Polish Etsy Shop
Panda decals are availible at/Toadarrific vinyls.Storenvy Shop  


  1. Love the color and the nail art is adorable!

  2. Too cute. I wish I had a little girl sometimes so I could give her manicures.

  3. Cute, the little girl who lives across the street from me always needs to look at my nails if she sees me too and without fail will ask why my other hand is different or is shocked when they are the same!

  4. Awww, too cute!! Love the background color, as well! Such a cute shimmer! <3

  5. This is so cute. Model City was a good choice!

  6. That's so cute!! I completely get that the little girl was amazed!

  7. Before I read your copy I thought of my two year old and how she'd love this. It's a great mani.

  8. I LOVE THIS!!!!! I need pandas in my life!!!

  9. Aww how cute are these!
    One of the first words my niece learned was 'pretty'. I remember her crawling over to me, pointing at my nails and saying 'pretty, pretty!' :)