Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Nail Polish Book Review

I was recently in a Facebook group were this lady asked how does everyone keep track of their nail polish. Now I've heard this question before but the answer has always been a spreadsheet.

Not this time. Instead several said they use an app call The Nail Polish Book.
This surprised me because I seriously wasn't expecting anyone to tell her there is an app.

I decided to download it, and I was surprised again because it was free.
I've got to say I'm impressed! So today I'm going to walk you thru the app & show you how easy it is.
This is what it looks like on my home screen. Select it and your next screen will pop up
Once open your brought to your nail polish or if never used the middle will be empty. Now I started adding my polishes but haven't started adding pictures, that's why there's a name but no photo. 
Next we are going to thought the + sign in the top right corner.
Now you enter a polish. The polish I'm going to use to demostraight  is called Coffee & Chocolates by Turtle Tootsie, so the name Coffee & Chocolates will go in the name spot.

Next we need to select what color the polish is, touch the shade spot and we will select brown.

Next we will select the brand. The app already has China Glaze, Essie, OPI, Orly & Sephora were included in the app.  So we will go to enter brand & type in Turtle Tootsie then press enter. Now Turtle Tootsie is includes in the brand list.

Next is what collectio is it from.  Like when we were at brands the collection we need isn't listed . So we will type in inaugural then press enter. Now it will be listed in the collections.

We are almost done! Now it's time to add a picture of the polish. So we will select picture.
You have the option to either take a picture or use one that's saved. I have one that's save so we'll select library, & select the picture. Once we select the picture we go back to the previous screen & select done.
And thats it! It's super easy to use & portable since it's on your iphone. My only complaint is that it would be awesome to have a feature were you share with others your collection, just in case someone wanted to buy you a nail polish but didn't want to buy one you already had.

The Nail Polish Book is currently available in the App Store only.

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