Saturday, November 7, 2015

KB Shimmer Snow Much Fun Review

Today's nail polish has a funny story to go with it.
The polish I'm using today is KB Shimmer in Snow Much fun.

It looks like winter in a bottle! 
Polish type : Jelly
My nails looked good after 2 coat but after doing 3 I could see the blue color a lot brighter.

Now, in order to get a snowflake since they are so big it does require some fishing. 

Now for my story:
I was added to my first virtual online jamberry party. It's been neat, I seriously didn't know they ha these parties online.
Well the other night they started a game where you post what your nails look like right now. It just so happened I had just finished painting my nails with Snow Much Fun! So I posted a picture of my nails & I seriously wasn't expecting this. Everyone loved the polish! My picture had the most likes on it.1 girl asked if this was 2 different polishes, the jamberry consultant was impressed, another girl asked if the polish had the snowflakes already or did I add them.  
I seriously thought it was hilarious.

Link to purchase 

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