Thursday, November 12, 2015

Model City Polish Paradise City Holo

Today is all about the first holo polish I ever bought. I really didn't understand what Holo's were at first. I mean I had a few from Julep & I had seen Essie's Holo'd but I didn't really get what everyone was excited about till I bought this polish.

It's Paradise City by Model City Polish
Application was smooth, I only used 2 coats to achieve this look.
Also, this picture was taken outside so you can the full effect of the holo.
Seriously, after looking at this picture I feel like I just want to go put it back on!
Now here's the same color but not in direct light.
See the difference? It's still looks great but you can't really see the holo. 

Now I'm officially in love with holos!
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  1. I was never a fan of green and glitters when it comes to nail polish but this one looks nice. :)

    Ajein |