Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Accidental Halloween Mani

I had decided to take a break from halloween mani's, especially since I totally messed up my nail art mani. Granted I like halloween but I'm just itching to wear a green polish & a blue polish right now.

So the green polish I picked is actually the first time I ever use it!
It Appletini by Pretty & Polished

Now when I was applying I was thinking it's just a green polish, now special about it.

So after I painted my nails I was complimented by several people saying how pretty it was & that's a great halloween color.
And now I see why.
It looks like slime! And like it could glow in the dark (it doesn't.)

So that's why I'm calling it my accidentally halloween mani. I seriously never thought about it being a halloween color.

Also I apologize for my cuticles looking so red, my puppy thinks I'm her tea thing toy:)

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