Wednesday, October 12, 2016

KBShimmer What Are You Wading For?

Ugh, I'm sick. I caught the head cold that my whole family has:(. So I'm currently resting & typing this up while in bed. 
Honestly I'm not up to nail art today but let me show you this awesome color.

The color I'm using today is What Are You Wading For by KBShimmer, 
A deeper toned periwinkle liner holo polish with indigo blue shimmer.
I used 2 coats plus 1 coat of topcoat. 
Outside lighting 
Inside lighting 
I totally bought this on a whim & don't reget it, no chips & stains! Plus that sparkle in the sun. 
Now if you all don't mind I'm going take a nap while cuddling my baby aka puppy.

What Are You Wading For is currently on clearance at


  1. That is so pretty! Feel better too<3

  2. Oooh! Cute shade! I hope you feel better soon, colds are not fun :(

  3. At least your nails look pretty! Feel better soon!

  4. Ohhhh this is so dreamy!!! Feel better soon!

  5. Periwinkles make me knees weak. Such a gorgeous shade.