Friday, January 15, 2016

Turtle Tootsie Polish Santa? I Know Him!

This post is not the post I had orginally planned.
I planned to post about the new nail vinyls I received & some some nail art using Turtle Tootsie Polishes Santa? I Know Him! But the problem is this was the first time I have ever used Santa? I Know Him and well I just can't bear to add anything to my nails because they look amazing with just the polish.

So...... The vinyls will be another day!

Santa? I Know Him! is a cherry red linear holo polish from Turtle Tootsie Polish Christmas Collection. I used 2 coats plus a top coat. I had no issues applying it & it dried pretty fast.
Outside pic in direct light
Outside pic not in direct light
Inside pic
Isn't it gorgeous? This is actually my first red holo & I'm so in love with it. Plus it's perfect for valentines day!
Santa? I Know Him! is currently available at  Turtle Tootsie 
Prices are $6.00 for a mini  &
$10.09 for a full size 


  1. Red holos are the best! This one looks lovely on you.

  2. This is so pretty. Lately, I buy a lot of red holos, in search of the best one out there! I might need to check this one out :)

  3. Man I love red holos. This one is so cute! That bottle logo is awesome too - too cute!

  4. The struggle is REAL!!! I completely agree, I'll think "today I'm going to do nail art" and then I paint my nails and I'm swooning so hard that I can't cover it up! LOL It's gorgeous, I'm glad you left it as is to enjoy!!!

  5. In those situations, I wear the polish and then the NEXT day, art it up!

  6. I like the glittery effect of the nail polish. This brand is so cute.

    Spices + Everything Nice |

  7. I love the name of the brand plus I love the polish. It would be fabulous to wear Feb. 14th

  8. I really need to try out some indie nail polish companies -- they look so much more amazing than the affordable or even high end polishes you can buy in Sephora, Ulta, or any drugstore!

  9. This is your first red holo?? Welcome to the rabbit hole, haha! This is gorgeous on you!